Emmy Nominations 2014 Predictions

Emmy Nominations 2014Did the Emmy Awards turn out like you wanted them to this year? Each year, there are so many great actors and actresses that deserve to walk away from these red carpets empty handed time after time with millions of disappointed fans watching the broadcast from their homes. Within each group this year, there will more than likely be quite a few close contenders and defending champions as well as a host of snubs and surprises as well.

Outstanding Drama Series

Even though Homeland has been successful in previous years, Downton Abbey will more than likely walk away with the trophy this year. This show has been increasing in popularity over the past year (especially since episodes have become available on Netflix.)

Outstanding Actress in a Drama

Claire Dane has won this award in the past, but it will be very difficult for her to win again – especially with Robin Wright delivering such an impressive performance in the Netflix-original series, “House of Cards” and Connie Britton delivering surprising performances in the hit series, “Nashville.”

Outstanding Actor in a Drama

If “Breaking Bad” still qualifies for a nomination, then Bryan Cranston will more than likely win this category. If not, Kevin Spacey will win it for “House of Cards” or Hugh Bonneville will win for “Downton Abbey.” No one is really interested in Mad Men anymore, so Jon Hamm’s chances of winning are very slim.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

Morena Baccarin will win for Homeland or Maggie smith will win for Downton Abbey.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama

Mandy Patinkin will win for Homeland unless they finally decide to give Aaron Paul another shot at the award for his work in “Homeland.”

Outstanding Comedy

Hands down, The Big Bang Theory will win this award – especially since it is one of the highest rated comedy shows on TV right now.

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus will more than likely win again for Veep even though Amy Poehler should win for Parks and Recreation instead.

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy

Jim Parsons has been able to draw a lot of critical acclaim and positive feedback for his role as Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory” so he will more than likely win this category.

Outstanding Support Actress in a Comedy

If Sofia Vergara wins this award, it’s primarily because of the popularity that she has been able to draw in for herself when the camera is not rolling, but Julie Bowen deserves a shot at this award for “Modern Family” as well.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Ed O’Neill deserves to win this award, because he is one of the biggest core elements of “Modern Family” – yet another astounding popular comedy TV show that has been able to impress a vast number of TV watchers and critics throughout the country as well.

There are just so many different people that will be watching the Emmy Awards when they do air later on this year, but these will more than likely be the ones that will walk away as winners.